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Top free games · Asphalt 9: Legends · Asphalt 8 Racing Game – Drive, Drift at Real Speed · Roblox · Hill Climb Racing · Confilct of Kingdoms. Minecraft Launcher. Included. Top free games · Minecraft Launcher · Roblox · Asphalt 9: Legends · Asphalt 8 Racing Game – Drive, Drift at Real Speed · Angry Birds 2 · Top.

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It’s that time of year: the doldrums. There are few big games on the horizon, and so we turn our attention to the best free PC games to while away the hours. Not that there’s ever really a bad time to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon trying out free games, but this season is a particularly good time to check out some cute indies or get really, really into a competitive F2P game.

There are loads of free games on PC. The biggest games in the world, like Fortnite and League of Legends. Small, thoughtful indie visual novels. Puzzle games that will make you tear your hair out in frustration and then come back a few minutes later anyway.

If you’re at a loose end or are waiting for the next Steam sale to dive into a game you have to pay for up-front, check out some of our favorites below. Free games don’t cost money, but they do cost your time, so we’ve put this guide together to protect that vital resource. Any game here you devote a few precious hours to will be time well spent.

Our guide to the best free PC games is regularly updated with new games that the PC Gamer team is playing and recommend firsthand. It’s broken up into a few distinct categories, including major free-to-play games, casual free games you can pick up for an afternoon, and a selection of stone cold PC classics you can download for free or even play in your browser.

If you’re looking for free games to add to your permanent game library , make sure to check a couple of our other guides:. Combat’s always throwing hordes at you so you can carve them up with style.

Surprisingly generous as a F2P game, giving you all the inventory space you need and a free mount early on. Is he Robocop, but a knight? We’re excited for map changes and an overhaul to ranked playlists. There’s a constant stream of crossovers, but the most notable addition is the no-build mode, an easier entry point if you like to focus on shooting over building sky castles.

A real “oops, there goes 1, hours” kind of game. You might turn into a key to open a lock, or a boat to sail the open sea. The Republia Times – You’re the editor of a newspaper in a totalitarian state in this game from the creator of Return of the Obra Dinn.

Each day you must choose which stories to run and how much space to give them, impacting your paper’s popularity and the government’s approval with the general populace. Smart and cynical. We Are Broken – An interactive visual novel where you must talk your way out of being eaten by a vampire.

We Are Broken conjures a dark and cruel world with cutting visuals and music that makes your skin crawl. Bleakshore – This chilling adventure uses the fuzzy, lo-fi aesthetic of PS1-era 3D graphics to create an impressively eerie atmosphere as a shadowy figure stalks you across the landscape Faith – Faith lures you into feeling secure—if a little jumpy—with its retro aesthetic, before it transcends its limitations in one shockingly scary moment.

David Lynch Teaches Typing – What begins as a friendly typing lesson from film director David Lynch slowly descends into a surreal, disorientating nightmare. At one point you have to touch a gross twitching bug. Great work, kiddo! But placement is everything, as every icon has its own set of rules. Brogue, despite staying true to the genre, works hard to feel approachable. The controls make navigating its dungeons a breeze, and the elegant shading makes its symbols atmospheric and readable.

Terra Nil – Terra Nil begins at the ultimate end of civilisation, letting you breathe life back into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. In this relaxing, therapeutic anti-builder, you construct devices to cleanse the earth, and to regrow green plants and trees. Chapter 2 released in and was a Big Deal for Undertale fans. The Doll Shop – Blending horror with romance, The Doll Shop transports you to a small village, which is being buried under a relentless snowfall. It tells a sinister story involving creepy handmade dolls.

The art is sublime and the ending is especially memorable. You play as a peg-legged tavern owner, who has to serve three very special dishes to a trio of horrible pirates, who really should have checked the Food Standards rating first The Herbalist – A wordless adventure about a traveller searching for a mysterious herb.

You wander around its strange world trying to interpret symbols, in the hope of discovering the plant you need. Off-Peak – Stranding you at an otherworldly train station, Off-Peak encourages you to explore, talk to the locals, and luxuriate in its strange atmosphere.

If you enjoy this, paid-for sequel Emily is Away Too is worth checking out. Olav and the Lute opens in new tab – An enigmatic adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world, with a cracking central mechanic. Rather than combining objects with other objects, you’re affecting the world with a lute by plucking at its colour-coded strings.

Pressing it in time with certain beats lets you jump, crouch, and dodge out of the way of oncoming attacks. And lots and lots of practice. Expect hyperactive duels in a series of arenas. Cuckoo Curling – A fun four-player game that combines the rules of curling with Connect Four. An easy game to pick up and play with friends, you can play Cuckoo Curling in local or online multiplayer. First Cut is that but in 2D, essentially, offering feudal Japan-themed duels against some truly beautiful pixel art backdrops.

Instead of friends, your companions here are loads and loads of birds. Just sit back and explore your apartment, examining every nook and every crevice for your feathered friends. Lieve Oma – Lieve Oma takes you on a relaxing jaunt through an autumnal wood on the hunt for mushrooms. As you scamper around, your granny follows slowly behind, teaching you about which mushrooms are okay to eat and teaching you her humble life lessons.

Forest Are For Trees – Walking through the forest is something that takes on new meaning in this mind-expanding exploration game, which is small and possibly infinite all at once. But something funny happens when you make contact with a tree.

Head Over Hooves: My Heart Bleats For You – An apocalyptic dating sim where you must make a goat fall in love with you and then sacrifice it to save the world from eternal damnation. Stick Shift – As creator Robert Yang says, “Stick Shift is an autoerotic night-driving game about pleasuring a gay car.

Stick Shift is funny while also offering food for thought. Its clever humour and charming s setting hold up nicely, as do the arsenal of goofy, Bond-esque gadgets at your disposal. That includes lipstick bombs, sleeping gas perfume, and a briefcase rocket launcher.

A lot of series staples, like joining the Mages Guild, started here. But then you might starve. Wes has been covering games and hardware for more than 10 years, first at tech sites like The Wirecutter opens in new tab and Tested opens in new tab before joining the PC Gamer team in Wes plays a little bit of everything, but he’ll always jump at the chance to cover emulation and Japanese games. When he’s not obsessively optimizing and re-optimizing a tangle of conveyor belts in Satisfactory it’s really becoming a problem , he’s probably playing a year-old Final Fantasy or some opaque ASCII roguelike.

With a focus on writing and editing features, he seeks out personal stories and in-depth histories from the corners of PC gaming and its niche communities. Best of the best. Wes Fenlon opens in new tab opens in new tab. See comments.


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Top free games · Red Alert:Steel Storm · IDLE GOG:Glory of Kings · Three Kingdoms: Destiny Heroes · League of Heroes · Roblox · Minecraft. One of the best free games for Windows PCs: Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis · Killer Instinct · Minecraft Story Mode · Asphalt 9 Legends is a. Top free games · Asphalt 9: Legends · Asphalt 8 Racing Game – Drive, Drift at Real Speed · Roblox · Hill Climb Racing · Confilct of Kingdoms.


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