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The Last Of Us is a three-dimensional action stealth horror adventure where a criminal and a beautiful teenage girl survive together in a post-apocalyptic world filled with aggressive mutants. The developers of The Last Of Us worked long hours on the game to make a breakthrough in the gaming industry.

Doctors and psychologists worked on the story to make a true story. After much discussion, the writers settled on an outbreak of the Cordyceps fungal virus that was plaguing cities of millions. A bite or scratch causes irreversible changes in the blood that turn a person into a rampaging beast. A wave of infection strikes civilization, individual resilient individuals who want to live enter the arena:.

The world has become an anarchic jungle where fear, power and recklessness rule. Survivors struggle for resources. The player wanders through a 3D location and fights different types of monsters that vary in speed, strength and mass. Mutants are covered in slime, their flesh is rotting, their consciousness is scattered, and strange veins grow from their heads. You’ll also have to shoot back and forth with hostile humans. The Last Of Us features an instant crafting system.

You’ll have to search rooms to find useful loot. Stones, ammo, alcohol – you need everything. The goal of each mission is to quietly if possible get to the point, killing the creatures that block the way. Assortment of weapons: pistol, shotgun, bow, Molotov cocktail, knife, baseball bat, rebar.

Brace yourselves, the game is filled with brutality – severed limbs, ripped stomachs and shattered skulls. Romance of the apocalypse: empty skyscrapers, jungles in the central square, giraffes in the parking lot. The Last Of Us is the coolest game with a gripping story and detailed graphics. Fans of Days Gone and God of War will love it. Puzzle Shooters Strategy. Developer: Naughty Dog, Inc. Prequel The developers of The Last Of Us worked long hours on the game to make a breakthrough in the gaming industry.

Characters A wave of infection strikes civilization, individual resilient individuals who want to live enter the arena: Joel is a brute and brutal man who has chosen the path of drug dealing and smuggling. Nothing good can be found, although the man is on this path rather out of desperation.

If life had turned out differently, he would have made a good judge or scientist. Ellie is a fourteen-year-old girl, an inexperienced sweetheart who understands nothing about life. Joel rescues her on behalf of a dying friend. Now together they must survive in a reality that is a reflection of past well-being. Gameplay The world has become an anarchic jungle where fear, power and recklessness rule.


The Last Of Us remake is coming to PC, as confirmed by PlayStation leak | Windows Central.The Last of Us For PC Confirmed: News, Changes, Release | EarlyGame

One of the best games from Naughty Dog is The Last Of Us. Play as Joel as you help Ellie PC compatible; Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows. Naughty Dog is working on The Last of Us for PC in a remake-version! The game series has been PlayStation exclusive for many years.


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This brief review of Gurugamer. This game is an adventure of two protagonists Joel and Ellie throughout post-apocalyptic America. And today, Gurugamer. First, you need a mid-range computer to run the game well enough. Check out The Last Of Us system requirements your computer should meet to install and run this game. With a mid-range PC with those features, you can experience this exciting adventure with Joel and Ellie. However, if you want to play this game with a better experience, здесь should upgrade your PC to the recommended requirements for The Last Of Us on PC below.

For instance, you also experience exciting fights and thrilling escapes as if you are playing on Play Station platforms. Players will immerse the last of us pc windows 10 the adventure of the two protagonists through post-apocalyptic America with a realistic game world, vivid characters and monsters, and winsows sound and graphics.

This game features the trip of The last of us pc windows 10 windows 10 update slow Ellie in the post-apocalyptic era in America. You will control Joel smuggler, who escort Ellie, a teenage girl to go through the post-apocalyptic era in the US. Ellie and other companions are controlled by AI. But you can control Elite in the winter scene.

Players can use both long and short-range weapons in fights base on the distance, including rifles, bows, and shotguns, etc. Some weapons like pipes, baseball bats are available in sudden combat, too. Besides, you can throw a bottle and stones to distract, stun, or knockdown enemies.

Redeem items you take during the trip to upgrade your weapons. If you cannot find med-kits and Molotovs, the last of us pc windows 10 game lets you make them from items in your inventory. When you are spotted by AI enemies, you can hide or call for help.

Ellie and other The Last Of Us characters can support you a lot during the fights. Multiplayer Game The last of us pc windows 10. In online multiplayer mode, you will play with seven other players in both co-operative and competitive matches. You oast choose one from three multiplayer game modes, including Supply Raid, Survivors, and Deathmatches.

In dvd cd driver for windows 10 download modes, players choose to play as Hunter or Fireflies with different missions. Each match equals one day in this game. If you can survive after twelve weeks, you can switch your role. Back to September ofa fungus took over the cities, millions of infected people became winvows.

Survivors are murdering each other for necessities and weapons, whatever lastt need for surviving longer in this world. Joel, a brutal smuggler, and the brave and mature teenage girl Elite worked together to live and prolong their journey across America. Besides, this mastered version for PS4 has better quality with higher graphics resolution, enhanced lighting and shadows, and improved gameplay. Besides, laast should buy the licensed game on authentic sources, such as Amazon to get the qualified version.

Trusting links of crack version from unreliable sources can bring you troubles, such as viruses or spyware. The discounted game costs you about Although this game was only launched for Play Stations platforms, you still can play it on the last of us pc windows 10 mid-range computer with PS Now emulator.

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