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System Requirements. Just scroll through the list and find the right NFS game to play. From the dense city streets to the winding roads that lead you to the harbor and through the canyons, this is your home turf. As for polish, forget about it. The options are open, even if you want a racing sim game like iRacing, too.


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This version is a blend of freedom and fantastical physics. The game is extremely realistic, and it is unlike any other analogue game, here the racer can sense the accuracy of the placement mechanics. With particular challenges to complete, a billboard to keep track of your progress, and multiple game modes, this edition is jam-packed with action and unmistakable realism.

You can choose your automobile and compete in three different types of races. There are sprint races in which you can race from one part of the city to another, circuit races in which you race around a track in a loop for typically three laps, and speed runs in which you race on a set course at the maximum average speed possible.

There will be upgrades available in these races, which can be earned by coming in second place or by winning it. The entire game is packed with entertaining races and elements that enhance the racing experience, such as Blacklist, Burnout Paradise, and so on.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a game for any fan of vehicle racing video games. The features that distinguish this version from the others in the franchise are listed below. There are no menus, no lobbies, and no restrictions, only fierce competition. There is a range of activities to participate in which helps in collecting incentives along the journey. At your leisure, explore the vast world filled with nonstop adventure. There is a Blacklist, also known as The Most Wanted List, in which the names of the bosses must be defeated for the protagonist to win.

The game contains an auto-logging option that records all of your actions while playing. This Autolog feature was first created by Criterion for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, and after seeing how well it was received, it was integrated into the game environment rather than staying in the menu system. This is a novel social system that has elevated this game to the forefront as a model of cross-compatibility. This version of Need for Speed features a wide range of real-world automobiles, including muscle cars, street racetracks, and exotic locations.

Paint colors, re-inflatable tires, engine, suspensions, nitrous oxide, and a skeleton that helps you bust through obstructions can all be added to your vehicle as visual and performance upgrades. EasyDrive is the name of this feature that allows you to design your vehicle, and all of the vehicles are available in the edition, but these are hidden in Fairhaven.

The most realistic version of the franchise is Need for Speed: Most Wanted. This game is for you if you get bored easily after a few laps of racing and concentrating on your pace. Download Now. You Can Contact Me If you face any problems in installing the file or comment below. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

What is the game about? Features of the game Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a game for any fan of vehicle racing video games.

Action that never stops There are no menus, no lobbies, and no restrictions, only fierce competition. Compete against your friends The game contains an auto-logging option that records all of your actions while playing.

Cloudcompete This is a novel social system that has elevated this game to the forefront as a model of cross-compatibility.

Not an arcade-styled model or a simulator model This version of Need for Speed features a wide range of real-world automobiles, including muscle cars, street racetracks, and exotic locations. The game requires 20GB of storage capacity. Is the game available to play in offline mode? The game can be played offline, but only in single-player mode. Need for Speed: Most Wanted is set in which city? Noah January 30, 0 3, 4 minutes read. Noah Hola! I am Noah Smith.

Some of the best Need For Speed games out there are lesser-known, strange, or just overlooked. With 24 different titles released on a wide array of platforms and almost 30 years since the franchises’ inception in , what is the best Need for Speed game?

Here’s a look at an updated list of the best Need for Speed games, ranked. It’s hard to leave the original Need for Speed off a best-of-the-best list, considering the franchise wouldn’t be anywhere near as popular as it is today had its darling not set the stage for the future.

The title that started it all was considered quite the leap-forward for its time, offering players some amazingly entertaining arcade-style racing, with interesting tracks, and great visuals from a standpoint.

By today’s standards, Need for Speed seems like an incredibly lackluster release that features a handful of cars and tracks. Its spot on this list isn’t a dig at the title in any way, it’s simply an acknowledgment that NFS has evolved by leaps and bounds in the modern age. These impressive titles should definitely be thankful for their origins, which helped elevate them into a series that’s still ongoing almost 30 years later. Need For Speed: Nitro was a bit of an “experiment” for the franchise.

The title released exclusively on Nintendo consoles the Wii and DS specifically in and aimed to make the Need for Speed brand “even more exciting” by elevating the racing experience and cutting out unnecessary fluff. The end result was supposed to be a game that played and felt better for younger audiences while still appealing to longtime fans of the series.

Unfortunately, developers missed the mark when it came to the overall vision for Nitro. The gameplay was solid but many of the features that fans had come to know and love felt “forced” or were straight-up missing. It also felt “watered-down” compared to the rest of the franchise, with fewer cars and tracks than its predecessors. Need for Speed: V-Rally 2 may not seem familiar to a lot of players thanks to its unconventional titling and focus on Rally racing. The release dropped in for the PlayStation and would release again in for the Dreamcast.

If it doesn’t look familiar to those of you that played the Dreamcast, it’s because the title was renamed to Test Drive V-Rally, omitting the Need for Speed moniker.

It’s actually a sequel to the original V-Rally and produced by the same studio, Eden Studios. Past its unconventional naming and Rally focus, V-Rally 2 is actually a pretty impressive game. It features a multitude of tracks and vehicles, fun gameplay, four-player support, and even offers up a track editor.

It may only be a Need for Speed title in name, but it’s a great addition to the franchise regardless. In , the Need for Speed franchise took a stab at creating a story-based adventure, unlike anything they’d created in the past.

Most traditional NFS titles saw players starting out as newbie racers and had them competing to gain “respect” in order to rise through the ranks and become the best of the best. Need for Speed: The Run , tosses this premise in favor of something far more compelling; a literal race across the country with the player character’s very life at stake. The Run spans the countryside and forces players to outrun opponents, police, and even the mob, all for a taste of freedom.

It’s an experience that fans are not used to seeing from the series, and the overall story and gameplay mechanics work extremely well. It’s a cult classic for many but, unfortunately, it’s incredibly short and doesn’t offer much in terms of replayability.

Need For Speed: Heat marks the latest entry in the franchise, bringing the total number of games to an impressive At first glance, Heat seems like a formula for absolute success, with incredible visuals, tight driving mechanics, and the iconic gameplay elements that fans of the series crave.

There’s an open world to explore, car customization, sim-style upgrading, arcade racing action, and even intense police chases. Heat has all the elements of an iconic title but it’s been met with mixed reviews, with players either loving the installment or lambasting it.

It’s definitely not the greatest NFS experience players have seen but it’s still a blast for anyone looking for a modern racer.

The series tried to go for both an arcade-style and a simulation for this ProStreet , resulting in a bit of a mess in the final product. Back in the day, there could be no cooler game than Need for Speed II. Not to mention the abundance of cars and tracks to race on. The biggest problem with the title was its buggy nature, as glitches were common to find and interfered more than a few times with gameplay. Its sleek nature still deserves praise, as the game was lauded for making the cars look extra realistic.

Both games have cinematic crashes, and both games are open-world. Unfortunately, Need For Speed: Rivals has its fair share of bugs and glitches. Had the game been more polished, it could have been an exceptional launch game for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The concept of the game looks good on paper, but it had poor execution.

It brings in a narrow point of view in the racing world, as Porsche is the only brand featured. The focus on completing stunts is another aspect with a certain charm.

Although police chases are still a significant part of this Need For Speed Installment, players play the part of an undercover police officer. To infiltrate a crime syndicate, players compete in street races and drive stolen cars. The speeds you can reach in this game are absurd. This heart-pounding adventure is a ton of fun, and it’s why Need For Speed: Undercover is considered one of the best Need For Speed games to date.

The game even has role-playing game elements that allow players to improve their licensed real-world cars. Need For Speed: Carbo n is a lot like Need For Speed: Underground , but it had a shorter, albeit still enjoyable single-player campaign in comparison. It also has less car customization than Need For Speed Underground.


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