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Solidcam 2017 pdf free

Following the video is also a written walkthrough to complete this step. This offset was defined in the previous Pocket operation.


Solidcam 2017 pdf free –


Нажмите сюда Getting Started document is an interactive guide that consists of two main parts. The goal of the first part is to jump-start your basic knowledge of 217 by using several of its 2.

Document design This document is primarily designed around a task-based approach to learning. Being interactive, it uses virtual guided exercises to quickly and easily help you get started with SolidCAM and iMachining.

Using this document This document is intended for new users to 2071 used as self-study material. It solidcsm recommended to complete the exercises in order, from beginning to end. The various parts can be automatically solidcam 2017 pdf free by clicking the file names.

The videos demonstrating the steps to complete the exercises can be viewed by simply clicking the play buttons. Software versions used for this document The screenshots and videos for this document were made using previous and current versions of SolidCAM integrated with SolidWorks running on Windows 7. If you are running on a different version of Windows, you may notice differences in the appearance of the menus and windows.

These differences do not affect the performance of the software. Adobe Reader It is highly recommended to use Adobe Reader when viewing soliddam document. By default, Adobe Reader allows solidcam 2017 pdf free launching of external files and connecting to URLs, which is required for the interactive features to function properly.

If you prefer using a different PDF источник, it is important to make sure that your preferred Reader allows the executing of external commands. Conventions used in this document This document uses the following подробнее на этой странице conventions:.

For example, click the New button The mouse icon and numbered bold 3. Define the CAM-Part zolidcam indicate the steps required to complete an exercise. The solidcam 2017 pdf free icon indicates the start of Create and define This style combined with the lamp icon Explanation is used for explanations and notes.

The following buttons are used in this document as the interactive features for opening part files and connecting to URLs:. Click this play button to start playing the video. Your internet browser will automatically launch and connect to. With the single-window integration, all machining operations can be defined, calculated and verified without leaving the parametric SolidWorks assembly environment. All 2D and 3D geometries used for machining are fully associative to the SolidWorks model.

SolidCAM frfe widely used in the mechanical manufacturing, soldcam, medical, consumer products, machine design, automotive and aerospace industries, as well as in mold and die and rapid prototyping shops. SolidCAM uses initial default settings to simplify certain tasks.

For example, the CAM-Part is created and defined automatically. The changes to some of these settings are duplicated and reviewed in the upcoming exercise.

These settings can be reverted or changed again at any time. The machining of a simple cover is defined using several SolidCAM 2. The following steps have to be implemented in order to reach the solidcam 2017 pdf free CAM-Part:.

Prior to creating the Project, the CAM Settings are customized to prepare for the upcoming tutorial videos. Click the play button below Complete the part programming The part programming is completed in just four operations, which begin on the following page. As shown in the illustration below, the workflow in SolidCAM is displayed in each of the Operation dialog boxes. The Geometry is defined first, followed by creating and choosing a Tool, picking the Milling levels, defining the type of Technology to use, and finally choosing the Lead in and Lead out tool Link movements.

Each operation источник статьи saved and the calculated tool path is quickly shown in Simulation. The target geometry is selected, which automatically creates a chain used for the machining boundary.

Solidcam 2017 pdf free tool is set to machine the 0. The geometry is selected as a chain solidcaam runs along the outside contour of the Target model.

After the full profile depth is reached, the tool will remove the 0. Like the previous Profile pdff, a single edge is picked during the geometry selection.

The chain is closed automatically. The tool is set to perform solidcam 2017 pdf free Helical entry into the pocket and a Contour strategy is used for cutting. After the roughing, the tool will take a finish pass on both the Wall and Floor to remove the excess offset material.

SolidCAM finds the centers of all circle entities and defines their positions for the drill geometry. A drilling tool is defined and choosing a holder is also shown. The Levels are picked directly solidcaj the model, like in the previous operations. The standard drilling method of G81 is defined for the Drill cycle type. The word fast meaning significantly faster than traditional machining at its best and the word safe meaning without the перейти на страницу of breaking tools or subjecting the machine to excessive wear, all while maximizing tool life.

To achieve these goals, the iMachining technology solifcam advanced, patented algorithms to generate solidcam 2017 pdf free tangent tool paths, coupled with matching conditions, that together keep the mechanical and thermal load on the tool constant, while solidca thin chips at high cutting speeds and deeper than standard cuts up to 4 times diameter. As a result, iMachining manages to cut irregularly shaped areas with a single continuous spiral.

To machine narrow passages, separating channels and tight corners, pff uses proprietary constant load one-way tool paths. The finish tool path is executed in several consecutive steps solidcam 2017 pdf free intelligent tool movements, all of which would be programming intensive and difficult to achieve using traditional machining methods. Because of its highly systematic approach to finishing and dedication to eliminate over engagement, the iMachining technology is able to further maximize tool life.

The iMachining Technology Wizard, which is responsible for these calculations, provides the user with the means of как сообщается здесь the level of machining aggressiveness most suitable to the specific machine and setup conditions and to their production pef quantity, schedule and tooling costs.

Another critical task performed by the Technology Wizard is dynamically adjusting the feed to compensate for the dynamically varying cutting angle — a by-product of the morphing spiral, thus achieving a constant load on the tool, which again maximizes tool life.

Before you begin the upcoming exercises, additional changes should be made to the default SolidCAM Settings. /26836.txt enabled, this option features the Dashboard page in solidcam 2017 pdf free iMachining Operation dialog box. The Dashboard displays the most solidcam 2017 pdf free used parameters on one page. Solidcam 2017 pdf free was designed only for iMachining 2D operations and is primarily for experienced users. Click OK to confirm your changes.

This exercise is based solidcam 2017 pdf free a SolidCAM Professor video series, which provides a step- by-step guide on the definition process of the iMachining technology to machine the part shown above.

The videos demonstrating the steps are duplicated and accompanied by a written walkthrough. The roughing and finishing gpedit msc windows 10 home the outside contour, center pocket and pocket ledge are defined. In addition, the machine and solidcam 2017 pdf free material parameters are defined for iMachining.

Click the play button below to watch the video. Following the video is also a written walkthrough to complete this pxf. When using the iMachining technology, you also have to define the machine and work material parameters.

SolidCAM enables you to add new and edit existing machine and material files in the iMachining Database. Clicking the Solidcam 2017 pdf free iMachining Database button displays the iDatabase dialog box, the solidcam 2017 pdf free for managing ffree and work materials contained in the iMachining Database. The same buttons are available on the Material DB tab enabling you to manage material definitions in the database. Define the machining of the outside contour In нажмите чтобы перейти step, the machining of the outside contour is defined.

For this example, the geometry is defined as an open pocket with island. The Geometry, Tool and Levels are defined and the Offsets are specified; the iMachining Technology Wizard automatically produces the optimal Cutting conditions. The roughing operation is then copied and the iFinish Technology type is used to define the finishing. The following videos demonstrate how solidcam 2017 pdf free types of geometries are defined in iMachining.

Closed pocket geometries solidcam 2017 pdf free iMachining This video focuses on several examples of closed pocket geometries and the tool path techniques that iMachining uses when cutting those geometries. Open pocket geometries in iMachining This video focuses on a few examples of open pocket geometries and the tool path techniques that iMachining uses when cutting those geometries. Semi-open pocket geometries in iMachining This video focuses on several examples of semi-open pocket geometries and the tool path techniques that iMachining uses when cutting those geometries.

For this operation, the machining geometry is defined as an solidcam 2017 pdf free pocket with island. Solidcam 2017 pdf free the outer chain 1-Chain as open to enable the tool to approach from the outside. This parameter Angle affects the Cutting conditions and Step down values generated by the iMachining Technology Wizard.

Click the Upper level button and pick on solidcam 2017 pdf free top face of the Stock model to define at what Z-level to start the machining.

In addition to the picked depths, define a Delta depth to perform machining deeper than the part bottom edge. Set the value to Switch to the Technology Wizard page of the iMachining Operation dialog box. This Wizard automatically calculates the Cutting conditions for the iMachining technology, taking into account the tool data and Milling levels defined for the solidcam 2017 pdf free. Step down When the Automatic option is chosen, the Step down is calculated by the Wizard in accordance with the Pocket depth defined for the operation.

When the User-defined option is chosen, the Step down can be defined by specifying a value or by setting solidcam 2017 pdf free number of steps required solidcam 2017 pdf free achieve xolidcam Pocket depth. Rows are created for each Step down value that is not the same. Output cutting data This section displays two sets of data related to the solidcam 2017 pdf free Cutting condition the Spindle speed and Feed rate of the tool, the Step over range, the material cutting speed, Chip Thickness CTand the Cutting Angle range.

Machining level The Machining level slider enables you to select from calculated sets of Cutting conditions. Moving the slider up in machining levels provide a convenient and intuitive way solidcam 2017 pdf free control the Material Removal Rate MRR. Increasing the position of the slider increases MRR and machining aggressiveness.

For this operation, use the Cutting conditions generated by the Wizard solidcam 2017 pdf free on the default position of the Machining level slider 3. Run the operation simulation using the default Host CAD mode to view the wireframe tool path. The simulated tool path is performed as follows: the entire contour is machined with a morphing spiral.

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