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Words cannot describe the beauty and serenity of Ladakh that the eyes can do. Pictures and videos simply do not do justice to the scenic bliss that Ladakh offers. What makes the place more special is the fact that it plays to every kind of audience. Right from quenching the thirst of motorcycle enthusiasts to offering spirituality to the ones seeking peace, Ladakh is perfect for all.

Geographically Ladakh is huge in area and it had hundreds of tourist places worth visiting. But here we shall tell you about the major tourist attractions that you should not miss to visit. You can also take a Leh-Ladakh bike tripFrom its high-altitude beautiful lakes to the world’s highest mountain passes to ancient monasteries, unique Ladakhi culture, and landscapes, Ladakh has everything to offer to visitors from India and abroad. Be if motorbiking or trekking enthusiasts, culture and religion lovers, or admirers of beautiful landscapes, high-altitude blue water lakes, snow-capped peaks, glaciers, or winding roads, Ladakh has everything for everyone.

Located at an altitude of 8,370 ft from sea level, the ‘land of high passes’ gives the Himalayan range a beautiful blend of green and white. You heard that right. With vast expanses of white sand, the ruggedness of the Himalayas can be witnessed. But nothing compares to the tranquil vibe that the lakes offer. Pristine beauty is what you will find at Leh Ladakh, which is guaranteed.

The best season to visit Leh Ladakh is during the summer. The months of April-May are ideal to visit Ladakh as many of the tourist places would be open. June to August months are also some range that travelers opt for to avoid the excess tourist crowd. Since the altitude is so high, Ladakh experiences long winters. Given below are some of the places to visit in Ladakh. Aahvan’s Ladakh packages includes various locations that you can visit.

Best places to visit in Ladakh:

1. Turtuk Village: Set on the craggy terrain of the lower Himalayas, the Turtuk village is a relatively offbeat and emerging destination in Ladakh to visit in September. It is located on the India-Pakistan border. It is also one of the gateways to the Siachen Glacier. Since its location is of strategic importance, it was kept secluded and void of tourist activity for the longest.

2. Zanskar Valley: Home to the confluence of Zanskar and Indus, the Zanskar valley is a mood enhancer. Anyone who loves nature will appreciate and marvel at this natural beauty. The valley is famous for its quaint villages and small marketplaces from where you can buy some lovely Kashmiri or Tibetan artifacts, Pashmina shawls, woolen socks, almonds, apricots, and other things that define Kashmir.

3. Pangong Lake: This serene and sacred lake is where arid mountains make for a charismatic backdrop. Pangong Lake is completely landlocked and bounded by the mighty Himalayan ranges. The views youyou’refered here are mesmerizing. The best choice to make is to visit this sightseeing spot in Ladakh in September if you truly wish to connect with nature.

4. Nubra Valley: Once the trading route between Tibet and Turkey, the Nubra valley is an amazing place where the climate is extremely cold almost throughout the year owing to its altitude. It is surrounded by the majestic Himalayas on all sides which lets you enjoy the beautiful sight of the unexploited paradise. It is also characterized by giant boulder fields and stark rocky slopes.

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