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Kodi is available as a native application for Android, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Windows operating systems, running on most common processor architectures. Kodi is an open source free program that allows you to stream movies, shows, watch TV, play music, and much more! It is made by the community for the community.


– Kodi on pc windows 10


Click Next when the installation wizard asks you to. Once you have finished downloading the installer, open your Windows 10 PC and look for Kodi. It should appear as a shortcut on the desktop.

If you are unable to find the shortcut, search for it on the Microsoft App Store. After you find the application, double-click it to start installation. The Kodi installation wizard will walk you through the rest of the process. Once Kodi is installed, you can watch movies and TV shows. Kodi will also allow you to add files to the media server.

Once installed, you can browse through your media files and select any that you want to watch. This way, you can watch movies, TV shows, and music from wherever you want. You can add as many paths as you like, but it is recommended that you store media files in a single folder. Kodi will then index them for you. This open source media player was once called Xbox Media Center and has become a popular choice among cord cutters.

However, unlike the Xbox One, Kodi can be used on any Windows 10 device, including computers. To get started, follow our simple guide. It will walk you through installing and configuring Kodi on your computer. It has a lot of useful information available to users, including weather forecasts.

By using different services, you can even add the weather to your top-level menu. Once you have downloaded Kodi, you can then install it by opening its EXE file. To do this, you should first open the Kodi website.

You can also follow the instructions below to install Kodi without any issues. Once you have downloaded Kodi, you need to install it. It will appear on the start menu as a shortcut on the desktop. From here, you can add media libraries to it and install add-ons. Another way to install Kodi is by downloading the software from the Microsoft Store. Once it has finished installing, you can continue with adding add-ons to your media library. Once you have selected the appropriate zip file, Kodi will automatically install the file and give you a notification.

Once the installation is complete, Kodi will prompt you to restart the media player. If you have recently installed Kodi on Windows 10, you might have encountered problems such as it crashing on startup or displaying an error message. You can also use the Start menu to open Task Manager. Affiliate disclosure: Bestdroidplayer. If you buy a VPN or an amazon product through our links, we may earn a commission that helps mantaining our blog.

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What is Kodi? Requirements for Installing Kodi on a Windows Computer Kodi is a simple and relatively light application that can be installed on almost all Windows devices.

Most computers made in the last ten years should fit the above criteria. Head over to Kodi. Now, choose between the bit and the bit version , depending on your operating system. The Kodi installation file should start downloading. When it completes, double-click it to start the installation. On the first notification that the program wants to make changes to your computer, click Yes.

The installation wizard will then start. Click Next to continue. On the license agreement screen, click I Agree. Just leave everything as it is and click Next. Click Next on the installation location unless you need to specify a new one. Now, click Install. You should be able to see the progress.

Finally, tick the Run option and click Finish. Kodi should now launch. You can now go ahead and install Kodi addons. How to Download Kodi from the Microsoft Store Kodi is also available on the official Microsoft Store , so you can install it with just a few clicks.

Go to the Windows search bar and type Store. Open the app. You should see the app and the option to install it. Currently you’ll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Windows Central Windows Central. Richard Devine. More about streaming video. This new interactive map shows the scale of Microsoft Azure’s global c Topics Kodi. See all comments Would there be any advantage of the Windows 10 app installer over the basic EXE?

Seeing it is not universal makes no sense to me to roll it out on the desktop when I cant make use of it on my phone or xbox. I think the most basic benefit is that the app can be updated through the store. Meaning you don’t have to check their website for the most current build Just assuming a normal app could not provide an update process – which they can. They also can go more direct metrics on the performance of the app, including better crash reports from the OS according to them.

While in theory they could do automatic updates in the exe version, the fact is, they don’t. Another advantage of the store version is the sandbox nature of store apps, and one click install and uninstall, with no leftovers. Almost sounds like you’re down on the fact a fairly big name released an app into the Store?! Can’t use Photoshop Elements on your phone but the Store is still better for having it there. Edit – Sorry, your comment wasn’t directed at me – That is certainly not the case.

I am happy to have any, high quality, app in the store. I was only attempting to add clarity as to why Kodi is in the store but not available on Xbox or Mobile. I understand that the devs have limited resources and that Centennial was the best path to the store for them, at this time. Still would prefer an equivalent UWP at some point though. Actual working uninstall, no junk left behind is the main reason for you the user.

For devs there’s many other reasons. I guess it can save your configuration on OneDrive, easily restored if you reinstall Kodi. Project Centennial – can’t mess with your registry, no bloatware, clean uninstall, potential to integrate deeper into the modern OS of the developers wanted to. All this is why Microsoft want win32 apps on the Store – piece of mind for the end user. It should be said that the Windows store version is a product of Project Centennial. Oh, right.

Well, it’s good that at least can be distributed through the store and even maybe uses the APIs , but a UWP version would be preferrable. I had a special software too, but this seems more streamlined and perfect for the Windows 10 era.

I’ll give it a try. Highly recommend. Installed about 6 months ago on my desktop and tablets. Pairing it with the Microsoft Display Adaptor allows me to stream it wirelessly to my large screen TV.

It’s been fantastic. Cable bill cut in half. It’s not for mobile because it’s a Project Centennial app, an x86 app repackaged for the Store. Sounds interesting, will check it out. I have been using Plex for movies and media collection. I works Great on Xbox and mobile.

Kofi looks better, but struggles to sync what is watched and not between devices, and cant sync content. Krypton’s build 17 UI is just so ugly to me. I’ll stick with 16 before they kill it. Just download the Confluence skin and use it on Kodi 17! You can download a wide variety of 3rd party skins for Kodi from its integrated app store or 3rd-party app stores. I also dislike the release version of the new skin Estuary since I really hate the look of my content getting clipped off the screen edges it just looks sloppy and inefficient to me.

The first version of Estuary was much cleaner and there is an excellent skin based on it Estuary Mod which is what I’m using now. My other favorite skin is Transparency!.


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