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Your review for FIFA They can contain rare players with a large indicator of general characteristics, unique kits, or boosts. In FIFA 13, the ability to go past an opponent with a simple change of direction disappears. The Premier League Club logos are copyright works and registered trademarks of the respective Clubs.

Fifa 2013 pc game


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FIFA 13 – Download.


Welcome to FIFA 13 is a wonderful football sports video game for every sports game lovers that has been developed and published under the banner of EA Canada. This game was released on 25th September You can also free download another sports game which is called Out Of The park Baseball 19 from our Website. Foottball is very interesting and popular game all around the world therefore of peoples love to play this game.

Now this game comes with many improvements as compare then previous FIFA game. It is very exciting to play with simple controls and much better then previous game. In this game you will enjoy two new techniques of passing Ball and also play games in manger mod.

With the help of this mode you can play your games as player or you can also use your managing skills to win the matches for your side. You can play this game with your friends easily because multi player mode is available for players. This game has got very beautiful realistic graphics which gives a real impact of the game. Overall this game is really interesting and very enjoyable for good time pass.

Following are the main features of FIFA 13 that you will be able to experience after the first install on your operating System. Click on below button to start FIFA 13 download free. It is full and complete game. Thanks to the new engine its very dynamic. I highly recommend this part of Fifa! But that’s what happens when you see people slagging something mercilessly.

What game are you playing? Perhaps it’s the online version that people here are so opposed to, as I only play single player career; but I’ve been playing FIFA since Fifa International Soccer, the first game, back in about , and I’ve been gaming since And this is easily, hands down, the best soccer game ever made.

Those who are complaining about horrible gameplay simply don’t watch or play much real soccer; this game is A LOT harder than earlier interations. It’s basically a sea change in game play. If you try to play it like earlier versions of FIFA, you’ll just flame out. I’ve got a level 26 player and am at benfica right now, having been bought and sold about seven times in my first seven seasons. There is just so much right about this game with respect to player movement, shooting improvements, difficulty of gaining yardage from “trick moves”, goalkeeper skill.

You can even turn on handballs as an option, finally. As a straight up single-player soccer game — I don’t give a darn about juvenile card swapping games and one-upmanship — I’d have rated it an eight or nine out of But I feel compelled to give it a 10 because of the merciless kicking it seems to be taking here over small issues that have little to do with core gameplay.

I bought that game at Origin, and the first impression i did have was the game was not developed for pc, it was ported.

The interface is so I bought that game at Origin, and the first impression i did have was the game was not developed for pc, it was ported. The interface is so ugly, like it was not in the correct resolution. The weekly automatic updates are good, but have some bugs. The graphics are a “normal good”, and the gameplay is normal too.

The game is unplayable as of right now. Bad The game is unplayable as of right now. Bad release EA, you should have contracted more betatesters before releasing this junk upon us and charging us for a full game.

This is definitely the worst FIFA in history. It brings over all problems of FIFA12 and adds more. I’m talking about single player modes, as I’m not interested in multiplayer game at all. My score reflects only a single player experience I’m not expecting a game to be easy, I like challenge, especially in a football game, but the game has to be enjoyable.

And F13 is far from that. It’s one of the most frustrating experiences in a game world ever. If I pick one of the biggest teams on the continent, with players valued millions of euros in real world, I’d like to feel that I’m indeed controlling a really strong team. That I have immediate advantages over a poor opponent.

But there’s no such feeling in this game. FIFA ‘world’ seems to be using some kind of level scaling, like Skyrim, because no matter how good team you pick, how close to level 99 your players are and how skiled you are in controlling a pad, you will struggle with likes of Stoke or Almeria or whatever. Your Piques, Ramoses and Luizs will be outrun by poor team’s attackers, your Messis, Ronaldos and Robbens will be outrun by poor team’s defenders. And watch yourself in the last 15 minutes of the game if you’re winning by 1 or 2 goals you will experience pressing like you’ve never seen on live TV, unless you watch ice hockey match and one team plays with a player advantage.

Reaction your opponent AI presents is unhumanly they can react to your action a fraction of a second after you press the button. At the same time, your defenders AI is utterly stupid. There’s barely any move on the pitch except the player you control. AI doesn’t move your player towards the ball in the air, doesn’t assist you in defence. You would imagine you could position a player manually, but auto switching doesn’t work correctly and manual switching when ball is in the air is practically impossible.

Your attackers barely move off the ball. And even if they move and make a nice run, AI defenders will outrun them anyway, as mentioned earlier, or they will be caught offside as most often there’s a huge delay between you pressing a button and AI making a pass again, it has to do with animations If that’s not enough, imagine referees ending matches during your attacking move in opponent’s penalty box.

This however should be easily fixable in a patch. As to all other complaints, it seems like a broken engine so it would need a total revamp, which is impossible at this stage.

If I bought the game on Origin, I would definitely apply for a refund. Waste of money. And since PES14, although significantly better than PES13, also suffers from unpolished engine and bugs, there’s no football game to enjoy this year … Expand. You concede 4 goals in just last minute of play.

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Improper control of the ball could let your opponent in or cause the ball to run out of play. All are used with the kind permission of their respective owners. In FIFA 13, trapping and controlling the ball are influenced by variables such as positioning, responsiveness and the attributes of the player receiving the pass.

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