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The sentry gun still has range cloak detection. Big advantage for aliens, and disadvantage for Marines. Damage is also slightly reduced. This is good against predators, especially against the upgraded Vanguard, as he relies on energy to hold up his shield.

Joined Jun 21, Messages Resources: 3 Resources Maps 3. Also fix the descriptions of units like the Chestbuster’s. Cheat sloth. Joined Oct 24, Messages So you finaly put this on the hive Joined Jul 4, Messages Resources: 1 Resources Maps 1. That knockback bug you’re talking about, is a very rare bug, only happens in single player if i remember correctly, but ill get it someday, that bug.

I dont understand the green boxes thing. Last edited: Jul 9, Joined Jan 17, Messages 6, And then people say that I am bothering with map description! Bratcipheo said:. Click to expand I don’t know what you’re talking about,thats right.

Green boxes What you’re pausing you say? What do these boxes do? You pause, and instead of the custom icon, you see a green box. That’s what I’m talking about. Joined Aug 3, Messages Last edited: Jul 10, Joined Jan 9, Messages Joined Feb 29, Messages Resources: 2 Resources Maps 2. Game looks really good. However it still requires fixes.

I hope you will release new version soon. If you imported model wrong etc. Sharingan said:. Aaah, well that i cant change, since that icon actually isnt an icon, but skin for the eggsack. I just havent found any icon outthere fitting the queens eggsack yet, sadly.

Joined Jul 9, Messages 3. Nice terrain. Joined Jun 10, Messages 9. I don’t know if its relivant anymore. But just about a week ago I played this map with two others clan ARK if it rings a bell. We had a recurring issue where when we started the game either there would be more than 1 of the same race or someone would get stuck with nothing except for that 1 pod structure Little details with the “nothing”.

The player who would get the “no units” would have the night elf hud. Joined Apr 19, Messages 3. Things that should be overlooked: Here are a few things I found: -If say A capacity for the Queen should also be made because it’s annoying if one dies the person can just keep making another Queen after the other dies and prolongue an already lost game.

You should make the Gunship have an auto-attack versus enemy units, and make the humans more maneuverable in the early phase of the game. I played against my friend and he had 12 Hunters before I had 5 Infantry units and two Atmos. Zorrot Hosted Project: QM. Joined May 16, Messages Sounds like good Joined Aug 18, Messages By the time my friends where making their first units i had already taken over nearly the entire map and wasn’t letting them get out of their start positions I only play good as Aliens, but I found humans fairly weak in -my- opinion.

EDIT: Oh, and maybe you played agresively. I played defense the game I lost against predators, I tried to built up units to still have a good military force in any battle. If say Kl3sk said:. Edit : Since there are too many bugs, glitches and so on, I cannot fully review this map, but I can name the problems the map is currently facing : – Aliens : If the Queen attacks anything before laying eggs, any of the spawned units Facehuggers and so on will be pushed to the side, much like the ability to knock-back units Queen Predator that has the ability to ignite units flame thrower can’t damage buildings and so forth.

No comment. Attacking anything with the queen beforehand, does not trigger the pushback bug. It can also happen as marine or predator. And i’ve only gotten this bug on single player, can you confirm this?

Its the bug i’ve had much problems with, it could be solved with the new version, but im not betting to much on it. Im a little confused about the self-upgrade as predators, since Marines do, even aliens have it too. When you click it, it costs points and it is upgraded; with effect. What upgrade had no effect? Hunters selfdetruct on death, spearmasters damage return and block, discmasters faster attackspeed etc. I know the bug with the blazer, i might not change it, since it seems beneficial for balancing its overpoweredness.

It seems some of you have problems with marines, i was actually concerned that they were overpowered. When playing against aliens, its absolute crucial you do not use “move” but “attack-move” they will then auto attack anything in their path facehuggers.

Minigunners are also the unit of choice, as it does auto target triggered and kill facehuggers with its fast attackspeed. When dealing with nests or larger enemy groups, get some flamethrowers at the front, they wear masks, making them unable to get facehugged, while they deal aoe dmg which burns all the small facehuggers. Those are the tips i have against alien. Read my map development thread for such additional info.

EDIT: The purge ability you mentioned is the ability the skull taking is based on, and triggered by. The “ripping” itself. Last edited: Jul 13, Joined May 26, Messages Resources: 2 Resources Models 1 Maps 1. Joined Jun 1, Messages Great map, me and my friend played it over and over again.

This is all I can say for now. Please consider these lines. Joined Jul 14, Messages 1. Hmm Love this map, it’s completely awesome. Tho i found something a bit Overpowered with marines. If you play them right as we do, you get the big tanks after like minutes and not just one of em, tons of em, instant win.

And also the predators are way to expensive, you can nuke em down in the beginning, even as alien. Aliens can get lots of mobs, but the weakness there is they die too easy. The map is not as balanced as it can be if you play marines as you’re “supposed” to. LostSoul I know its not balanced, balancing it just gets keeping harder. The worst part is that, peoplewith different skills are testing it, so i can’t change balances based on their experience alone, i gotta test it myself.

I therefore would very much like you to try this strategy on me, with me trying the different races. Do you have a ggc account? Give me a pm when you can play some games.

Joined Jan 30, Messages I really like this map but i think you have to nerf the income of marines by one of these ways: 1. Last edited: Jul 18, Thank you for the feedback, i’ve changed quite abit in the balance now, but i didnt want to change it to much at once, but rather do some weak changes that works towards a goal, instead of going back and forthward all the time.

Last edited: Jul 19, I’ve just realised my post is catching epic-proportions and I don’t want to sound overly-enthusiastic about a potentially great map with enough room for improvemnt, so I’ll just stop here. Predators’ projectile animation and I’m not being specific, but they’re all an eye-sore I don’t see why the models have those awesome “snipe-lazors” if their attack animations have nothing to do with it.

Maybe actually make the Hunter fire rocket-type projectiles, to stick to the movie concept of the Predator itself? Blazzer” attack animation : Does he really need the -finger of death- animation? Why not a simple, aesthetic stream of flames? I feel like the self-destruct ability should be triggered at will too , with a 3 second delay, for example while still keeping the “blow up after death” passive. Aliens : would just rule if they could cannibalise each other or eat another dead unit.

This ability would destroy the corpse gradually and regenerate the alien’s hp , mana, or both. This could also be useful when removing unwanted corpses so nearby “facehuggers” won’t automatically jump on the nearest target. This would be well complemented by a “pounce” ability that would brake stealth and attack the nearest enemy in a radius, but you be the judge.

Suggestions : Head-bite – When an enemy is at “X” hp I’d say health-points or lower, the target is instantly killed and the alien regenerates “X” health points I’d say 25 or so.

Oh, while I’m ranting : visuals keep the game appealing and all, but I’d appreciate it if you could actually import some alien sounds to make the game more atmospheric. I don’t think you need examples as to what I mean.

You know, basic alien sounds, when they’re either hit, injured, dying, those kind of things. And don’t freak out about the over-all file-size of the map, they’ll barely be noticeable. You might also like to add specific taunts to the other races as well. Im sure it was more towards plasma, which i tried to make with ice typed spells.

Well, if you watch a youtube video of ps2 AvP Extinction, you’ll notice that the Blazer shoots a laser that sets everything on fire. He doesn’t actually shoot fire, its a laser. I thought about making it another colour when upgraded I’d then walk into a passive group of marines and let them selfdestruct.

The difference is that, before the player got warned that somewhere on the map he is attacked, and when checking he sees that hes killing hunters and can react. With it being triggered he just know his army has died, its to overpowered. A great idea at first, but i realise that it would destroy the way aliens function, i want to make hiveweb as important for the aliens as i can, which is also hard enough.

If they regenerate in another way aswell Bid Amount. Place bid Resume bidding , if the page does not update immediately. Add to Watch list Unwatch. Watch list is full. An error occurred, please try again.

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See all condition definitions opens in a new window or tab. Region Code:. Sony PlayStation 2. Release Year:. Electronic Arts. Game Name:. Aliens Vs. About this product. Developed by Zono Inc. Metal Fatigue , the game lets players control any of the three featured species in a race to dominate the planet.

It’s 21 missions of humans versus Aliens versus Predators. A small unit of Colonial Marines gets dispatched to planet LV and discovers the presence of both Predators and Aliens. Obviously, the only choice the Colonial Marines have is to end the conflict and shoot for total universal supremacy.

And so the battle begins. Product Identifiers Publisher. Product Key Features Platform. Release Year. Game Name. Age of Empires. ESRB Descriptor. Blood, Blood and Gore, Violence. ESRB Rating. Support Elements.

Game Name Special Features. More than 20 unique maps in diverse areas like jungles, caverns, and laboratories Specialized weapons like marine pulse rifles, predator bleeder spears, and alien face huggers Each faction has ten upgradeable combat units. Also Available in this Platforms. Control Elements. Number of Players. Shipping and handling. Item location:. Sweet Home, Oregon, United States.

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Avp extinction pc free full. Alien vs Predator Extinction PC Latest Version Free Download


It is the first game in either franchise to be rated Teen. We might have the game available for more than one platform. Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction is currently available on these platforms:. Press ESC to close. PlayStation 2 Strategy Video games released in Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction.

Download Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction. Supported Platforms: Windows 7, 8, 8. You don’t need any Torrent ISO since it is game installer. Below are some steps, Go through it to Install and play the game. Home Games. This video game got various new features with its new updates on Nov 16, date. Next Post. You might also like. Ninku: Tsuyokina Yatsura No Daigekitotsu! Download Full PC Game. A lot of your success will depend on how many groups you have and how good you are good at throwing mass units at enemies zerging.

Most missions take place in barren areas with fewer details. Predator Extinction Game PC Free Download is a console-exclusive real-time strategy game in which you build and battle armies. You will play mission-based levels as a colonel marine, predator, or aliens, and each team has its capabilities. For example, the ocean uses the latest weaponry. Predators rely on their advanced stealth technology and Alien attack en mass and impregnate their enemies.

Every unit you did expect from Alien face-huggers to marines in exosuits will be present as well as a new creature like predator hydra and Alien Ravager and special weapons like a marine airstrike.

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